~ is an interactive installation at weARTgalerie, Weimar.

The artwork is designed to use the available space as efficiently as possible, so visitors are able to control the gallery space only from the outside through its windows - completely shrouded in fog and dimly lit though, its interior is hard to grasp. The white wall of mist reveals no contours or shadows and is not indicative of the depth of the room. Only when the visitor interacts with the space the interior comes to life. The slightest tap on one of the gallery windows sends waves of light moving back and forth through the space.
In this way ~ transforms the gallery into what is more of an object, redefining what a room is, and lets visitors rethink their perception of space.


On Display
Moscow International Festival »Circle of Light«

Interactive Installation based on the famous child's game »Simon Says« at Bauhaus University's Kiosk.6, Sophienstiftplatz, Weimar.
An urban intervention with bright lights and a lot of fun.

Leachim Roy (Yor Garcia & Micha Ott)

Experimenting with multiple projectors cancelling out one another.
Once the visitor steps into the beam of one of the projectors, he blocks its projection thus partly revealing the hidden video.
The video projected is a warship in dazzle camouflage.

Johannes Siebler

The Fist of Light is an interactive light-installation for the nachtdigital festival in Olganitz, Germany.
Three platforms sense festival attendees standing on them, enabling them to interact with the 4m high sculpture. The reaction of the sculpture varies depending on movement and number of people interacting, allowing them to feel the festival's community spirit.

»Among the mass of electronic music festivals all over Europe, Nachtdigital stands out as a rare exception. Handmade decorations, inspiring visual arts, a limit of only 3,000 tickets, and a carefully selected programme have made helped Nachtdigital retain the holiday camp feel that it first became famous for back in 1998. Attention to detail is the festival’s watch-word, with perhaps the most care afforded to its musical programme - the finest purveyors of electronic dance music spin a soundtrack to an idyllic setting, with the calm lakeside forest and deckchairs in the sand balancing the bachic revelry around the intimate stages. While the digital age might insist on connecting everyone to within an inch of their social network, Nachtdigital proves there's no substitute for small gatherings of strangers with a shared love of dancing and celebration.«

Julien Simshäuser
Philipp C. Schöpfer
Jan Wehner
Jan Ziegner / nachtdigital

Birth – Interaction with a new world.
Visitors are able to touch the conductive fabric or bend the Tentacles of Mega Joy to interact with the new world. When entering the installation, people take the role of a newborn baby that interacts with things that it hasn't seen before.

Up to three people can interact with the sculpture at the same time to explore the projected world.
The touch-sensitive surface – made from conductive fabric – enables them to choose from various scenes. You may explore additional visual worlds by bending the pair of flex sensors on top of the sculpture.

Animations were made in Maxon Cinema 4D & Adobe After Effects. Quartz Composer then modifies these animations in realtime according to sensor data it receives via OSC. Sensors are connected to the computer through an Arduino Microcontroller that sends serial data to a lightweight Processing sketch which converts them to OSC signals. Because OSC is used an additional feature is the controllability of the whole installation through an iPhone application. (or whatnot)

The projection surface is around 5.6x2 meters in size, so one can fully immerse into the world of the installation. The projected resolution is 2048x768 pixels.
Other things that are needed to make it work are: a computer (min. 4x3GHz, good consumer graphics card, 8GB RAM), a dark space of about 6x4 squaremeters and a decent set of speakers.

Julien Simshäuser
Claudia Symank
TITV Greiz
NEC Display Solutions

On display
TodaysArt 2012
Teenitus 2012
Bauhaus Rundgang 2011